Jeff The Killer Game Download

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Jeff The Killer Game Download

If you want a real scare, you're better off just looking at Jeff's face.

The prize for the Giveaway is a 1-month Premium Membership!

Thirdly, if you look too hard at some of the scares, you'll notice that they're actually.

So here is the things you need to do to.

Mainly the face of Jeff popping up right in front of you and then vanishing while your heart rate sky-rockets to dangerous levels.

You might also be familiar with the story it's based on: Jeff goes mad (for reasons I forget), burns off his eyelids and cuts open his face, then goes around.

You have to be pretty fucking shit.

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Some of the things you encounter can damage your health, though considering you start at, you have to be rather careless to get killed.

In fact, considering this game is only about five minutes long, it wears off pretty damn quickly.

The aim is to escape from some sinister building you've found yourself in, floors covered in blood and the occasional severed limb hanging off the wall.

Not brilliantly written, but pretty dark stuff.

Or If you preffer the points whitc.

I Had So many wonderful comment And Watchers that I'm looking for a way to thank them so I decided To Hold A giveway!

Because unfortunately, this game just isn't very good.

'Jeff the Killer' is a first-person horror based on the story - and well-known face - from Creepypasta.

Wide smile, shadowy eyes, a face so pale it suggests a diet seriously lacking in vitamin D.

Jeff The Killer Game Download

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